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NAQI - Starter pack x 2

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This pack contains one each of the following NAQI Massage Lotions

1 x Naqi Sports Massage Lotion 500ml

NAQI Sports Massage Lotion is an excellent oil-rich lotion for use with longer sports massages. Because it is more oil rich it is perfect for hairy clients

To create exceptional lubrication properties NAQI developed a massage lotion that is extremely economical to use, is skin friendly and is easily washable and leaves no stains.

For Massage Therapists It is very important that therapists choose the right massage product.  Massage always involves applying mechanical pressure to the skin. This means that the skin of both the therapist as well as that of the patient need to remain in good condition.

The properties of massage lotions play an important role in this.  Massage products should be selected to suit the length of the massage and the type of skin.  Massage lotion should ensure a good gliding movement during the massage, but the patient's skin should be dry at the end of the treatment.

The intensive use of massage lotion during sports massage requires a pleasant yet neutral hypoallergenic perfume.

1 x NAQI Massage Lotion Relax 500ml

The ideal Relaxing Massage Lotion, Naqi Massage Lotion Relax is a hypoallergenic and natural massage lotion, perfect for relaxing massages.

NAQI massage lotion Relax provides the perfect medium for relaxation massage with a superb glide effect.  Combined with the therapeutic properties of natural essential oils such as lavender, bergamot and laurel. NAQI massage lotion Relax offers you clients relaxation and stimulates blood circulation to alleviate muscle stiffness.

The clinically tested formulation provides intensive hydration, leaving the skin soft and supple, but never greasy.

With its excellent glide and soft feel this new lotion will be an absolute must among therapists.