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Spa Inc. Water Dispersible Massage Oil Pack 12 x 1 Litre

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The Spa Inc. Salon Massage Pack is a perfect starter pack containing 12 of the Spa Inc. water dispersible unscented  Massage Oils x 1 litre in one pack and at a great wholesale price. Save in bulk 15% off normal price 

Spa Inc. 10 Litre Unscented (Odourless - Fragrance free) water dispersible massage oil 

The Massage oil Shop is pleased to announce we are now selling Spa Inc. brand of Massage oil Made by SEOC. 

Spa Inc. brand is a specialised salon range of massage products created especially for professionals who are looking for quality and high performance in their products at an affordable price. This range offers exceptional value and is guaranteed to impress. 

Ingredients: Helianthus annuus (sunflower seed oil), Oryza sativa (rice bran oil), Caprylic Capric Triglyceride, Polysorbate 85, Tocopherol (vitamin E) 

Spa Inc. water dispersible massage oil is an unscented, odourless and fragrance free massage oil with great slip and a light non-sticky texture. It wipes or rinses off easily, leaving your client's skin glowing, hydrated and totally nourished. Suits all skin types (including sensitive). May be used unscented, or customised with up to 2.5% pure essential oils. 1L bottle includes pump, 10L cask includes tap. 

May also be used as a base for bath oils. 


Sydney Essential Oil Co. is proud to present their new range of high performance salon essentials - Spa Inc. Using the highest quality ingredients yet retaining an affordable price point, Spa Inc. is the perfect solution for an easy and attractive product for clinical use. 


Spa Inc. Unscented Water Dispersible Massage oil 
Spa Inc. Detoxifying Water Dispersible Massage oil 
Spa Inc. Relaxing Water Dispersible Massage oil 
Spa Inc. Unscented Classic Massage oil 
Spa Inc. Unscented Massage oil - Certified Organic 

Spa Inc. was launched in 2013 by the Sydney Essential Oil Co. using their experience and understanding of practitioners and their clients, to offer an alternative solution for Spas and Salons. 

- price competitive 
- solid supply source 
- attractive, functional packaging 
- coming from a well known trusting company- SEOC 
- understands needs of both practitioners and clients. 


Spa Inc. products are created using the finest ingredients and are appropriate for all skin types making them versatile for spa and salon use. 

The unscented massage oils are perfect to use as is, or can be customised for each client with your own choice of essential oils or essential oil blends. And the scented items have the added aromatherapeutic benefit of 100% pure essential oils to provide a luxurious salon treatment. 

The Water-Dispersible massage oils will come out easily with a warm water wash, keeping your towels fresher for longer, and rinse easily from your client leaving no sticky after-feel. 

Spa Inc. products are the perfect option for; 
- spas 
- salons 
- massage clinics 
- natural therapies clinics 
- and more..