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Special NAQI twin pack 2 x Ultra 500

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This is a great intro pack with 2 x 500ml bottles at a special low price while stock lasts

An ideal lotion for all your therapeutic treatments. While sports masseurs, physiotherapists & massage therapists practice a wide range of different massages, They all require a non-greasy massage lotion with immediate, excellent lubricating and dispersion properties.

NAQI supplies a very specific massage lotion for this purpose . The NAQI  Massage Lotion ULTRA has been formulated to perfectly balance a long-lasting gliding effect with a non-greasy feel. Enriched with soft hypoallergenic perfume it is the perfect solution.

Naqi Ultra Massage Lotion is an ideal lotion for all your therapeutic treatments. suitable for Physiotherapy Clinics, Private Practice & Sports Massage Therapist