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Melrose Sweet Almond H2Oil 2 L

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WDM 008
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Melrose have applied the popular water dispersible massage oils technology to create their H2Oil® Sweet Almond Oil.

Ingredients:Sweet Almond Oil, Coconut Glycerides (from Coconut oil), Polysorbate 85 (oil dispersant), Vitamin E (antioxidant).

Coconut Glycerides is a light oil, used in fine cosmetics. It gives glide to the massage and allows the skin to breathe - it makes the oil combination non occlusive. Vitamin E is added to retard oxidation, however the use of the 'bag in a box' for 2 and 10 litre packs is more effective in reducing oxidation over the longer period.

The benefits are:

  • Performs as well as a regular massage oil without stickiness
  • Non occlusive - the skin is allowed to breathe
  • Minimal aroma
  • Water dispersible
  • Carrier oil which accepts essential oils
  • Packed in 2 and 10 litre casks to ensure long life

Code WDM 008 2 litre Sweet Almond H2Oil

Code WDM 006 10 litre Sweet Almond H2Oil