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Oil Garden Bergamot Essential Oil 25ml

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BERGAMOT(Citrus aurantium var bergamia fruit peel)

Emotional Wellbeing:

Bergamot has a light, fresh and sweet to fruity aroma. A great oil for motivation and confidence.

Physical Wellbeing:


·Treatment of BOILS, PIMPLES, ACNE and relief of symptoms of COLD SORES: (D).

·Suitable for OILY and COMBINATION SKIN types: (M,C).


Not to be used during pregnancy. If symptoms persist consult your healthcare practitioner. Do not use before exposure to UV light (sunlight & solariums.)


Massage/Skin Applications (M):Dilute your favourite Oil Garden essential oils according to the above table with 10mL of carrier oil. Massage into the skin to allow essential oils to be absorbed.

Bath(B):Add essential oils to a tablespoon of Vegetable Glycerine, then add blend to bath water. This will ensure the essential oils disperse in the water. If you do not have a bath then a foot bath is a simple alternative.

Inhalation (I): Add 6 drops to 1 litre of steaming water. Cover your head with a towel and inhale the vapours for five minutes. Close your eyes.

Vapourisation (V):Fill your Oil Garden electric or candle vapouriser with water and add a total of 6 drops of your favourite essential oils.

Compress (C): Add essential oil to one tablespoon of Vegetable Glycerine, add mixture to one litre of water (refer to above table for dilutions).

Place a soft cloth over the surface, lightly squeeze out excess moisture, and place onto the skin. It is advisable to use the appropriate water temperature for your specific concern.

Cold Water Sprains, bruises, headaches

Warm Water Skin treatments

Hot Water Boils, arthritis, rheumatism

Spritzers (S):Dilute the essential oils (refer to above table for dilutions) into Vegetable Glycerine (one teaspoon per 100ml of water), then add to water. Shake well before use.

Direct (D):The following essential oils can be applied direct to the skin as they are already diluted 3% in Jojoba; Chamomile, Roman Chamomile, Jasmine, Neroli, and Rose. Some other essential oils can be applied direct to the skin in adults only, such as Lavender and Bergamot. Please refer to individual oils for further information.