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Melrose Sweet Almond Oil 2 L

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Melrose Sweet Almond Oil

A classic base oil for many therapists almond oil is a wonderful massage treatment. It is compatible with all skin types. You can moisturize with almond oil to ease rashes and chapped lips and skin. It soothes inflamed skin, moisturizes and provides a healthy glow when used regularly.

Sweet almond oil is one of the most well-known and commonly used massage carrier oils. With its light, non greasy weight and high fatty acid content that can nourish and soothe skin, sweet almond oil is popular as a massage oil and bath additive.

Use in Cooking

Almond Oil is rich in mono unsaturated fat, it contains 66% mono unsaturated oleic acid, an omega-9 fat. It also contains 25% omega-6 polyunsaturated essential fatty acid. Along with a nutty taste, the oil has minimal odour and can also be substituted for olive oil.

By replacing 1/4 to 1/2 cup of the oil or butter in baked dishes with cold pressed almond oil, will add a slightly nutty flavor to the dish, and it is best if the baked dish has complementary flavors. Almond oil can be drizzled over salads or over an almond crusted fish.

Suitable for cooking
Suitable for Salads & Dressings
Bland taste
Rich in monounsaturated fat

Melrose Sweet Almond Oil contains

100% Sweet Almond Oil (Prunus dulcis) Non allergenic

Shelf Life & Storage

30 months from date of manufacture.
Store in a cool (less than 30oC), dry area.

Comes in the unique Melrose cask that keeps the oil fresh to the last drop.

Melrose Sweet Almond Oil is also available in 10 Litre cask