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Premax Physiotherapy Creams

Premax Original Massage Cream 400g

Price: $27.95

Premax original massage cream is ideal for firm resistance d...

Premax Sport Massage Cream 400g

Price: $34.95

Premax Sport massage cream combines beeswax, aloe, Vitamin E...

Premax Essential Massage Cream 400g

Price: $27.95

Premax Essential massage cream combines shea butter, cocoa b...

Premax Essential Massage Cream Deal 2 x 400g

Price: $48.00

This value pack is for 2 x Premax Essential massage cream co...

Premax Arnica Massage Cream 400g

Price: $27.95

Premax Arnica combines arnica, ginger, olive oil, beeswax, a...

Premax Massage Pack

Price: $139.00

This $99.00 Premax value pack contains one of each t...

Premax Massage Lotion 1 litre

Price: $27.95

Premax Lotion combines skin healthy ingredients such as shea...

24 pack of Premax Massage creams

Price: $450.00

This wholesale pack contains 24 jars of the Premax creams ...