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FREE Social Media Strategy offer!

Valued at $1,500. Register by 28 February 2013!

Should you get on to twitter and face book?

In this new world of second by second communication and peer to peer networks small businesses and individual practitioners often wonder if they should get involved by creating a social media profile for their businesses.

Many already have personal Facebook profiles or may even have a twitter account and struggle with questions like, "Can I post or tweet about my business?", "What voice should I use?", "What should I say?", "Can I use my personal profiles for the business?"

Ben Walkenhorst, principal of no fussing about| says, "First, ask yourself "why" your business needs to be there? Do you just want to be there because everyone else seems to be? If so, that's not a strong enough reason.

If you want to develop and grow your customer base or the people that know about your business; engage with them; allow them to have voice, and are ready to let go of control about how your business is spoken of - then YES consider social media channels".

For the first FIVE subscribers to register, no fussing about| will offer our subscribers a FREE Social Media Strategy and 5 hours posting, valued at $1,500.

Click here to find out more and register before 28 February 2012!

We recently used marketing firm, no fussing about| to help us better understand what we do and how to tell others about it.

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