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Is your kid’s toothpaste safe?

Snappy Jaws toothpaste is a specially developed natural toothpaste formula for kids. Snappy Jaws is beneficial for your child's oral health, as it has no SLS, fluoride or sugar.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) is a chemical foaming agent found in many other toothpastes and is potentially harmful. It may cause an increase in mouth ulcers as it can dry out and damage oral tissues.
Fluoride can be toxic if swallowed in large amounts, which is concerning as many children swallow toothpaste while brushing.
Sugar promotes the growth of bacteria, causing tooth decay that leads to cavities and the loss of tooth enamel.

Snappy Jaws toothpaste contains Xylitol, a natural sweetener from the birch tree, which is often used in oral hygiene products. Xylitol prevents dental cavities and tooth decay by starving bacteria that cause gum disease and plaque. Xylitol re-mineralises tooth enamel and increases saliva flow, causing bacteria to wash away naturally

Containing natural ingredients and no artificial colours or sweeteners, Snappy Jaws is available in three fruity flavours. With its fun design and yummy fruity taste, Snappy Jaws is the natural toothpaste alternative that encourages children to brush their teeth.

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