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Premax Soft Tissue Seminars

The Premax Soft Tissue Seminar Series has been announced with the first seminar being held at Challenge House in Melbourne on Sunday 30th September.

The seminar will feature Sports Physiotherapists' Randall Cooper from the Olympic Park Sports Medicine Centre and Andrew Wynd from the Balwyn Sports and Physiotherapy Centre. Both Randall and Andrew are experienced clinicians, and entertaining and informative presenters who can engage a professional audience with tips and techniques that clinicians can apply in their practice immediately.

Andrew Wynd will take a look and current concepts in treating calf injuries. Current evidence based management strategies will be discussed, incorporating a wide variety of soft tissue techniques including trigger point therapy, myofascial release, active release techniques and neural mobilisation. Rehabilitation exercises will be covered, aimed at restoring full movement, strength and function.

Randall Cooper will discuss recent advances in the management of hamstring strains with the session covering functional anatomy, the mechanism of injury, predisposing factors, assessment, rehabilitation, manual therapy, and preventative strategies.

Premax Soft Tissue Seminars are run by Complementary Health Seminars, and for further information or to register for the seminar you can visit their website www.comphs.com.au

Premax is an Australian company that keeps people moving well. Premax manufactures premium quality massage creams and massage lotion as well as Sport & Muscle Massage Cream, Sunscreen, and Anti Friction Cream.

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