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what size Thumbsaver should I buy?

Thumbsaver Massage tools are used to enhance your productivity and support

Thumbsavers are an affordable massage tool that assists massage therapists and physiotherapists by providing support and reducing the stress on your joints and wrists from deeper tissue massages, while protecting your most valuable assets: your thumbs and hands! Thumbsavers is so unique that it cannot be called a "tool" because your thumbs and fingers are actually inside them.

Thumbsavers has the right sensitivity & mobility that separates it from other tools. Fatigue thumb, fingers, and wrist pain will be no longer a problem. You can prolong your natural therapy career and protect your most valuable assets. Thumbsavers can be used interchangeably with thumbs, middle and index fingers.

Message from Greg Polins, the developer of Thumbsavers massage tool: You will be amazed how fast therapists and clients benefit from its use during massage !!! It has already extended not only my own career but also the careers of countless therapists since its introduction.

Thumbsavers massage tools are available for delivery Australia wide and can be used for:

  • Trigger Points therapy
  • Deep tissue massage/ neuromuscular therapy
  • Chair Massage
  • Acupressure
  • Shiatsu
  • Thai Massage
  • Reflexology
  • Equine Massage

We find the best massage oil products to use with thumbsavers massage tools are actually massage creams such as Premax massage cream or Premax essential massage cream

With Thumb savers, you can also

  • Massage deeper and work longer
  • Reduce fatigue and joint Pain
  • Reduce carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Alleviate wrist, thumb and joint fatigue and pain.
  • Feels natural and offers maneuverability.
  • Greater sensitivity for you.
  • Deeper massage for your client.

What size thumb saver should I buy?

The width of your thumb is the most important measurement when deciding what size Thumbsaver massage tool to order.

Thumbsavers comes in three sizes: small, medium and large.

Size can be based on the Width of inter-phallangeal joint

Small: up to 1.9 cm wide

Medium: 1.9 - 2.2 cm wide

Large: 2.2 - 3 cm wide

Please visit our website for purchase - we supply massage tools Australia wide


Tips on using Thumb savers

You can wash Thumbsavers together with your own hands between clients with an anti-bacterial soap and warm water. Treat them the same way as you treat your fingers and thumbs.

Massage Tools like thumb savers are not made to replace the massage therapist, instead they improve the professional treatment i.e. they should help the human hand do what it does for longer

While you as the therapist benefits physically from using a massage tool, your client also reaps the rewards as by using a massage tool it allows you to give the depth of massage your client desires to release tight muscles. This helps to restore the neuromuscular pathway, leading to satisfied clients and no doubt repeat business

Exchange Policy:

If the Thumbsavers you ordered are either too small or too large, you may "exchange" it for a different size. Simply mail the unused Thumbsavers along with its original packaging with a note saying "too small or too large" to:

Health Shop Australia Pty Ltd
Attn: Exchange Dept.
P.O. Box 248
Northcote Vic 3070

Please Note: There is no refund policy

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