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Melrose Massage Oil 2 Litre Deal + Dispenser pack

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Massage Student or professional Physiotherapy Massage Oil Dispenser pack special deal

This pack contains our best selling Melrose H2Oil® Massage Oil in the 2L Cask along with

  • 1 x Double Oil Holster with 2 x 250ml bottles and pump for dispensing from the bulk cask and blending your own essential oils
  • 1 x complimentary free sample of the Melrose Sweet Almond H2oil 100ml or Melrose Superfine H2Oil 100ml (note: samples may be substituted or not included depending upon availability)

All for the low price of $59.95 plus postage

Don't Forget to save on postage and add some other products, we recommend Silver Clove Balm 40g or a thumb Saver

The Double Massage Oil holster allows you to have your favourite massage oils accessible and ready at all times during a massage.

It is perfect for dispensing from your bulk massage oil and saves time during the massage

Your clients will enjoy an uninterrupted massage as you do not have to fiddle around looking for massage oil, and you can blend your own signature scent. The Double Bottle Holster has a fully adjustable waist strap.

Please note - Holster does include 2 x empty 250ml bottles with pump dispenser.

With this twin Holster you can have a spare bottle handy or for example have one filled with Relatation Blend massage oil and one with unscented massage oil or sports massage oil

More about Melrose Massage Oil
Massage therapists and physiotherapists agree Melrose H2Oil® is the original water dispersible oil. Then there is the unique Melrose cask that keeps the oil fresh to the last drop.

We recommend to buy Melrose wholesale massage oil H2Oil®

Water dispersible oils are popular because they not only increase the life of towels considerably, but also reduce the possibility of towels catching fire in the dryer.

You can test the dispersibility of H2Oil® by adding a few drops to a glass of warm water and shake - it will turn white - it emulsifies the oil. Adding normal washing powder to the wash removes the massage oil from the towel.
H2Oil contains

Sunflower Oil
Rice Bran Oil
Coconut Glycerides - from Coconut oil
Polysorbate 85 and Vitamin E.
(Does not contain nut oils)

The benefits are

  • Equal to or better than other massage oils including almond or apricot kernel oils
  • Accepts essential oils as required
  • Washes out of cotton towels and sheets, thus minimising the risk of fire
  • Clients find that the oil washes off in the shower after the massage without using soap and leaves a beautiful sensual feel on the skin
  • Extends the normal life of towels by a factor of four
  • Packed in 10 & 2 litre casks that ensure long life

H2Oil® works well on 100% cotton towels and sheets provided you do not skimp on the wash detergent - you can use cold water but a warm wash is always best. Sometimes physio and massage therapists leave their unwashed towels for several days and eventually when they run out of clean towels put them in the wash - you must have sufficient detergent.

Please note Melrose offers two warnings:

Sheets containing polyester do not let all the oil release from the fibre.

If it is decided to use chlorine to sanitise the towels, they should be washed first and then use chlorine, rinse and dry - do not use chlorine first because H2Oil® and chlorine react.

THE CASK PACK was first invented for wine about 40 years ago. We have adapted the wine cask by providing a suitable inner bag so it becomes ideally suited as a pack for massage oil. The cask is attractive, easy to carry, occupies minimal space and more importantly protects the oil from light and air.

Keep in touch and up to date - we recommend joining a professional association such as AAMT - Australian association massage therapists