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Reva Massage Lotion 500ml with pump

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100% water dispersible massage lotion developed by a professional massage therapist.

Enjoy a delicate fusion of seed oils combining the antioxidant qualities of grapeseed and moisture enriched with Vitamin E and Jojoba.

Your skin will feel radiant and refreshed and as a lotion it doesn't spill like traditional oils. Whether you're smooth or have surface hair, the "gliding" qualities of our lotion from a small application remain consistent and effective.

Economical to use -  one full body application is achieved through the equivalent of two heaped tablespoons of massage  lotion .

Recommended for use at room temperature. However, gel can be refrigerated to achieve the desired consistency in warmer environments and microwaved to soften or to achieve a liquid texture in cold environments. Natural body temperature will convert the massage  lotion  formula to a liquid consistency.

The lotion  is oil based to allow maximum glide with minimal absorption. A little amount goes a long way.

Also available in 1L and 250ml pump bottles.