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Spa Inc. Classic Unscented Massage Oil 1 L

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Spa Inc. Classic Massage Oil comes in a 1 Litre Pump Bottle

If you are seeking a massage oil that is brilliant for every day and versatile enough to use on a wide range of clients, look no further than Spa Inc.

Spa Inc Classic Massage Oil is a best-selling massage oil that will help you deliver a luxurious, nutrient-rich massage every time.

Spa Inc. Classic Massage Oil is our pick for Luxurious Pampering and Pre-Natal treatments. A full-bodied massage oil and great all-rounder.

Spa Inc Classic Unscented Massage Oil

- Luxurious, rich texture
- Pampering and moisturising on the skin
- Cold-pressed carrier oils
- All natural, no mineral oils
- Full of nutrients and added anti-oxidant to prolong shelf-life
- Suits all skin types

Key Ingredients of Spa Inc. Classic Massage Oil
Sweet Almond oil - moisturising, softening
Sunflower seed oil - moisturising, emollient
Soya bean oil - prevents moisture loss, nourishing
Tocopherol (vitamin E) - anti-oxidant, smoothing
Rosemary Leaf extract - anti-oxidant

Spa Inc. Classic Massage Oil is also available in a bulk 10 Litre cask, and 25 Litre poly cube