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Hydro 2 Oil deal - Warm up plus Extreme Sport Massage Oil 2 x 5 litre

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Our latest special is 2 x 5 litre packs from Caron lab. This value pack contains the following supplies; perfect for sports massage practitioners and manual therapists who specialize in physiotherapy and sports medicine

1 x Caronlab Hydro 2 Oil Extreme Sport massage oil 5 litre,  

a unique blend of essential oils renowned for their pain relieving and warming qualities. Helping to massage away muscular aches and pains while relaxing tense muscles it will leave the body refreshed after exercise. Ideal as a natural pain relief alternative to invigorate muscular fatigue. Use Caronlab Hydro 2 Oil Extreme Sports Massage Oil after exercise or injury to assist in faster healing. 
  •     100% water dispersible
  •     leaves skin moisturised
  •     cleans easily from towels
1 x Caronlab Hydro 2 Oil Athletic Warm up massage oil 5 litre,  

Scientifically formulated to assist in the preparation and recovery of the muscles before and after exercise. Hydro 2 Oil Athletic - Warm Up Massage Oil, the combination of heat and massage helps to loosen and warm up muscles and soft tissue while stimulating blood circulation to prevent Injury. Wintergreen properties produce heat immediately after application, with a sensation of warmth being maintained throughout the performance. Ideal for use on professional sport athletes and amateur sports stars before strenuous exercise. 

  •     100% Water Dispersible 
  •     Superior slip and glide for deep massage 
  •     Cleans easily from towels