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Oil Garden Mandarin Essential Oil 12ml

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This Mandarin 12ML essential oil is serene and tranquil and is a must have in your salon to blend with massage oil or add to your oil burner.

This Mandarin 12ML essential oil is also useful for: Digestion, nervous tension, stress and mild anxiety.

Product Specs

Mandarin 12ML essential Ingredients:
Citrus reticulata fruit peel 1mL/mL

Mandarin 12ML essential directions:

Adults: Helps maintain HEALTHY DIGESTIVE FUNCTION: add 5 drops to 10mL base oil and massage in a clockwise direction onto stomach. For relief of INSOMNIA and to help relieve NERVOUS TENSION, STRESS and MILD ANXIETY: add 6 drops to vaporiser. If symptoms persist consult your healthcare practitioner. STORE BELOW 30°C. NOT TO BE TAKEN ORALLY. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

Odour: A sweet intense floral citrus scent